Vitoria Map

 Map of Vitória - ES, 190 x 280 cm, 200 ppi.
Complete map, still needs retouching and the final dimension is 280 x 190 cm (wxh) at 200 ppi.

This is the map project for a small archaeological museum in Vitória do Espirito Santo. This project in particular I'm already detailing in the blog I keep for free software, Forks And Drills. The map was very complicated to carry out and I had to think of methods and ideal solutions for the software and machines I currently have. The weight of this map opened in the image editor exceeded 4Gb which clearly prevented working on it entirely, so I had to divide it into several sections. This enabled a better work in the details and without complicating the issues of agility regarding the software I used (MyPaint and Gimp). But it also created other problems like that of maintaining the standard treatment and continuity of colors.