Illustration Friday [contagious]

This work I had in 2008 for the catalog XXK of Studio Kaleidon's friends [Rimini, Italia]. I think that work is very suitable for this theme, Contagious. The 'tessere' are contaminated from de drawings of the basis illustration. I think that lips is this responsible of many contagious situations... happiness, sadness...

The mosaics are very beautiful, some time ago I was doing a search on the Internet I found several programs that run on Linux to compose mosaics as a set of images. This work is an example, I used metapixel and gimp to make this work. The 'tessere' of the mosaic are the thumbnails of my works (drawings, paintings, prints, etc.).


Katie L. White said…
Very beautiful image.
Nice conceptualization. Beautiful colors.
I need a guide said…
blog molto interessante!

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